CH-24A007L-DS, CH-24A007R-DS

CAR MODEL 3 Generation-1
CAR YEAR 04-09
CH NO. CH-24A007L-DS, CH-24A007R-DS
OEM NO. BP4Y 33 25XB
BP4Y 33 25XC
BP4Y 33 25XD
BP4YE 33 25XA
BP4YE 33 25XB
BK5P 33 251
C24Y 33 25XB
C24Y 33 25XC
POSITION 278*25*5 L
278*25*5 R
BP4Y 33 25XB|BP4Y 33 25XC|BP4Y 33 25XD|BP4YE 33 25XA|BP4YE 33 25XB|BK5P 33 251|C24Y 33 25XB|C24Y 33 25XC
Product Description
CARICO chassis parts are designed and manufactured to meet OEM standards and undergo strict quality tests to ensure a perfect fit.
  1. All parts are manufactured with ISO 9001 certification.
  2. Company legally registered in Taiwan, official company documents available on the Internet, you can absolutely trust us.
  3. Our business includes national and international sales, definitely quality tested by the aftermarket.
  4. Energetic and professional group. Our team has an experience of more than 35 years in the professional area. No matter what kind of problem you have encountered, it is our pleasure to help you solve it.
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