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The Best Lower Control Arm Brands in the Aftermarket
The Best Lower Control Arm Brands in the Aftermarket
The Best Lower Control Arm Brands in the Aftermarket


The lower control arm connects the steering knuckle attached to your car’s tires to its body. It is also connected to the front strut, which is an integral part of the suspension system. The whole purpose of the lower control arm is to provide better steering control.


Without a properly installed lower control arm your car can lose its balance and can break down if it goes into a massive pothole as the whole suspension system is held in one place by both lower and upper control arms. 


However, with time, the lower control arm can wary, and for that, you need to get new from the aftermarket. So, you can avoid all the things specified above. 


The best lower control arm brand in aftermarket

True Drive

True Drive is one of the most popular and easy to get lower control arms you can get from the aftermarket. True Drive lower control arms are made from the most durable materials that make them sturdy. Many Taiwan manufacturers recommend using True Drive lower control arms. 

  • In addition, the noise that you get after installing a new lower control from an auto parts shop is not a factor associated with True Drive lower control arms.
  • It is because the bushes of the arms are made of noise-reducing materials.
  • The best part about True Drive control arms is they have a rust protective coating, which ensures their enhanced longevity.

All the True Drive arms are manufactured according to some of the best industrial and quality management systems including ISO 9001 / TS 16949 / OEM / OES. 



Moog lower control arms are another great arm that you can get from the auto parts shop. The control arms from Moog have a compact and convenient design that provides a great fit. In addition, the structure of the arms is made using strong metals like Aluminum and alloys like steel. 

  • The protective coating also protects the arms from corroding.
  • As a result, the overall construction of the lower control arm is highly durable. Moreover, the lower control arms from Moog are easy to install. 
  • Many models such as Moog RK620054 come with pre-assembled bushings, so you do not have to be a car junkie to install these lower arms.

Moog lower control arms are also easily replaceable.



Made from strong materials like Aluminum and steel, they provide great structural support to your car’s entire suspension system. The protective coating on the Dorman's arms makes it highly resistant to corrosion, harsh weather. 

In addition, Dorman lower control arms offer easy installation, hassle-free replacement, and a definite perfect fit. Taiwan manufacturers make some of the best lower control arms, so you can also consider buying lower control arms made in Taiwan. 



The above-specified are the best lower control arms you can get from the aftermarket.  

But if you think they are too expensive? Nowadays we have a more economical way to choose the sub-factory brand. Manufactured according to the OEM number, the functions are the same, and can also be designed according to customer needs. Carico Auto Parts are one chassis auto parts manufacturer in Taiwan. We have exported our products for more than 25 years, welcome to consult




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